Alcohol and cancer videos

Both European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) and the Association of the European Cancer Leagues (ECL) are umbrella organisations with members across the whole of Europe.

In this section you can find information, campaigns and links to useful resources from your respective countries.

If you have any information that you believe would be useful to upload please do not hesitate to contact us.



New studies confirm cancer is alcohol’s deadly hangover

The Star – Just when many people were getting comfortable with the idea that our most popular drug – alcohol – is largely harmless to most, even beneficial to some, there is troubling news.


Finland – Alcohol = leading cause of death among men

Figures for 2005 released by the state statistics agency showed that alcohol has become the leading cause of death among Finnish men aged 15 to 64, ahead of cardiovascular disease, accidents and cancer.The statistics agency said that among men, drink was responsible for 17 percent of deaths. Among women, 10.6 percent of deaths were directly attributed to alcohol, second only to breast cancer, which killed 10.7 percent of women.Alcohol consumption in the Nordic country has risen steadily since the end of the early 1990′ recession.
Last year, each Finn drank the equivalent of 10.5 liters of pure alcohol, compared to 6.3 liters in 1980 and 7.7 liters in 2003.Finnish experts blamed the rise on EU regulations which led to a slashing of alcohol import quotas and a 40-percent reduction in taxes on spirits introduced in March 2004.”It is a failure of health policy in the EU,” said Pia Makela, a senior researcher at the National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health.Like neighbouring Sweden, Finland is fighting to maintain its alcohol distribution monopoly, arguing that a restrictive alcohol policy limits consumption and promotes good health.But the EU says the monopoly poses a barrier to competition.


SWEDEN Paper on Alcohol and Cancer  published by SLAN September 2012 (language: Swedish)

United-Kingdom – Red meat and alcohol ‘raise the risk of cancer’

Guardian Unlimited – Eating red meat and drinking alcohol in even small quantities increases the risk of developing cancer, a group of world renowned scientists will warn this week.,,2200610,00.html

Drinking Alcohol can Increase Post-Menopausal Women’s Risk Of Breast Cancer

Voice of America – Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death in women around the world. In recent years, there’s been some focus on what women can do to decrease their risk of breast cancer – such as breastfeeding and eating a good diet.

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