Alcohol and cancer videos

Upper-tract urothelial cancer (UTUC), which includes renal pelvic cancer and ureter cancer, is a rare cancer and its prognosis is poor. Smoking and high-risk occupations (e.g., printing and dyestuff working which involves exposure to aniline dyes) are well-known risk factors for UTUC. However, the risk of alcohol consumption in UTUC remains unclear. This study aimed to determine whether alcohol consumption is an independent risk factor for UTUC.

The risk of UTUC was significantly higher in ever-drinkers compared with never-drinkers (OR = 1.23, 95%CI, 1.08–1.40; P = 0.001). Compared with never-drinkers, the risk threshold for UTUC was >15 g of alcohol consumption per day (equivalent to 6 ounces of Japanese sake containing 23 g of alcohol). A dose-response was observed (P < 0.001).

Alcohol consumption may be an independent risk factor for UTUC, with a low-risk threshold of 15 g of alcohol per day.

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