Alcohol and cancer videos

It is easy to gain weight from drinking too much alcohol and obesity also increases your risk of getting cancer

From nutritional point of view, alcoholic drinks represent ’empty calories’- they are high in calories but low in nutritional value; alcohol itself has a comparatively high energy content. Alcohol provides extra calories and slows fat and carbohydrate oxidation.

Many of us are simply not aware of the calorific content of alcohol. For example, did you know that one bottle of wine has 510 calories? This is one around third of the recommended daily calorific intake for women, and one fifth of the recommended intake for men.

Calorific Content of Selected Drinks

Gin or vodka and tonic =126

Dark rum and coke =142

Medium glass of white wine (175ml) =130

Medium glass of red wine (175ml) =120

Bottle of wine (white) =555

Bottle of wine (red) =510

5% Lager (pint) =240-50

Cider (pint) =180-250

Stout (pint) =210

Bitter/Ale =180-230

Liqueur (50ml) =100 -170

Brandy (50ml) =110

Whiskey (25ml) =55

Mixed drink (Ready to drink) (275ml bottle) =160-228


Alcohol as well as being direct cause of several cancer, might also contribute indirectly to those cancers associated with excess body fat. There is convincing evidence that obesity increases the risk of cancers in several areas of the body, such as the:







Further information and links on alcohol and calories intake:

Gatineau M, Mathrani S. Obesity and alcohol: an overview. Oxford: National Obesity Observatory, 2012

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