Alcohol and cancer videos

Irish Cancer Society

By Irish Cancer Society

Alcohol is a known cause of 8 types of cancer. Every year approximately 900 new cancers and 500 cancer deaths are attributable to alcohol in Ireland.

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Indy Power, Food Blogger, Author and Cook and Ethan Miles, actor and a famous Barman are both supporting the Irish Cancer Society in making the public aware of the sobering fact of the link between alcohol and cancer. They are reminding people that there is no ‘safe’ level of alcohol drinking and calling on people to know the size of a standard drink, which is around the same as a glass of beer or a small glass of wine, and limit the amount of alcohol they are consuming on a night out or pouring for others.

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A staggering 900 cases of alcohol-related cancer are diagnosed here every year, the Irish Cancer Society has revealed.

The organisation said that of those 900, 500 patients will die from the disease.

There are seven known cancers that are caused by alcohol – mouth, throat (pharynx), voice box (larynx), gullet (oesophagus), breast, bowel and liver.

A shocking 10% of all cancers in men and 3% in women are caused by booze.

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The link between alcohol and breast cancer is well established but public awareness of this remains low, the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) has warned.

According to the charity, every year in Ireland, around 900 new cancers and 500 cancer deaths can be attributed to alcohol use and the risk is particularly strong when it comes to breast cancer.

“There is widespread scientific evidence of the link between alcohol and breast cancer, but little public awareness of it. In 2013, in Ireland, 12% of breast cancers were caused by alcohol – that’s 353 cases a year. In the same year, 69 women died from breast cancer caused by alcohol,” explained the ICS’s head of services and advocacy, Donal Buggy.

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