Alcohol and cancer videos

Experts have known since 1987 that alcohol can cause cancer, but the connection between the two is often unknown, or ignored. Research in Europe has shown that 1 in 10 Europeans do not know about the connection, and that 1 in 5 do not believe that there is a connection between cancer and the drinks that millions of us enjoy every week.

We hope that this website will raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol and be a become a resourceful hub for everyone who wants to do the best they can to protect themselves and their families from cancer.



“People have the right to know about all of the dangers of alcohol.  Many people are unaware that alcohol can cause seven different types of cancer, and that needs to change. Policies on alcohol pricing, labelling, marketing and advertising must reflect the fact that alcohol can be extremely harmful to health.”

Member of the European Parliament, Glenis Willmott


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 Note:  ECL has received co-funding from the EU Health Programme in the form of an Operating Grant for this activity.



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