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What you could do.

About 40% of cancer deaths are preventable. This is what the evidence tells us today. And part of that preventable harm is caused by alcohol. The problem is that survey after survey shows people are not aware of the fact that alcohol causes cancer. We can all help to change that. 

Educate yourself

Learn about this topic! Get to know the facts! Use this website and all of the materials we have gathered together here. Get in touch with us or with different organisations that are working with alcohol and cancer link.

Share it


Share what you have now learned. Send something to your friends and family, turn their attention to this fact. If you are involved with an organisation, get them active as well. 

Things are changed when more people demand it. Alcohol-related harm can be prevented through political measures. Write to your national politicians about this topic. Mobilise your organisation to speak about it. Get in touch with us and let´s do it together! 

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