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Steps You Can Take.

Approximately 40% of cancer-related deaths are preventable, according to current evidence. A significant portion of this preventable harm is attributable to alcohol consumption. However, numerous surveys reveal a concerning lack of public awareness regarding the link between alcohol and cancer. It is crucial for everyone to play a role in increasing this awareness and promoting change.

Educate yourself

Educate yourself on this vital topic! Explore the wealth of information available on our website, where we have compiled various resources for your convenience. Feel free to contact us or reach out to various organizations dedicated to understanding the connection between alcohol and cancer. Your knowledge and involvement can make a difference.

Share it

Spread the knowledge you've gained with friends and family to raise awareness about this critical issue. Inform them of the connection between alcohol and cancer, and encourage them to share this information with others. If you are affiliated with an organization, engage them in promoting awareness and initiating action to address this significant health concern. 


Change occurs when a collective voice demands it. Preventing alcohol-related harm is achievable through effective policy implementation. Reach out to your national representatives to express your concerns on this subject. Mobilize your organization to advocate for change, and collaborate with us to strengthen our impact. By working together, we can make a meaningful difference in addressing this critical issue.

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