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Alcohol and CANCER

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News, research, opinions, statements, events, videos. Everything about this crucial, yet unknown link.


aware of alcohol/cancer link in Denmark (unprompted)


of all cancers are preventable


Swedes die from cancer caused by alcohol, yearly


Cancer deaths by alcohol in Lithuania

The silent carcinogen: Europe's uneasy relationship with alcohol and cancer knowledge

In a recent study in the European Journal of Public Health, Dr. Daša Kokole and her colleagues from the World Health Organization examined the public's knowledge of alcohol's link to cancer in the EU and UK. The research reveals a significant awareness gap, especially for specific cancers like breast and colon. We spoke with Dr. Kokole about her findings and their implications for public health education.

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The true face of alcohol: Why there's #NoGlamourInCancer

We've all seen the glamorous portrayals of alcohol in media and advertising, but it's time for a sobering reality check. #TheTrueFaceOfAlcohol illuminates the often-overlooked link between alcohol and cancer, emphasizing the stark truth that there's absolutely #NoGlamourInCancer.

Avoid Alcohol During Cancer Treatments

Navigating the complex relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer treatments, the importance of open, non-judgmental discussions about alcohol use becomes evident. The health implications are significant, with alcohol potentially exacerbating the side effects of treatments and increasing exposure to various complications. However, societal norms and pressures around drinking may pose additional challenges, underscoring the need for a comprehensive patient care approach.

A guest blog by Cancer Society of Finland


Alcohol and cancer awareness in Nordic countries

Despite the well-established contribution of alcohol to the burden of cancer, public knowledge of the relationship between alcohol and cancer is low across the world, including Nordic countries.

When we talk about alcohol increasing the risk of cancer, there’s a little more to it than that. That’s because, as the latest research highlights, it’s one of the chemicals alcohol gets broken down into that seems to be one of the main culprits.

Alcohol is broken down via a strict process and converted into energy. And it’s acetaldehyde, at the centre of this chain, that’s the weakest link. If acetaldehyde isn’t broken down further it builds up in cells, where it damages DNA in a way that could cause cancer.


Alcohol and cancer: This is how booze damages DNA inside cells

By Aine McCarthy

Cancer Research UK

Editorial - July 2023

Taking on Alcohol-Related Cancer: Knowledge, Policy, Prevention, and Care

The complex relationship between alcohol and cancer calls for a comprehensive strategy that integrates informed policies, clear communication, patient-centered care, and lifestyle changes to mitigate alcohol-related cancer risks.

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